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Connect us: contactus@sccs.edu.bo

Phone: (+591) 3 3530808

Private American Overseas Day School offering English instruction

Health Center

Our "Health Center" is strategically located in the middle of the SCCS Campus, since it has to be easily accessible for any event or eventuality that is going to occur.

The main objective is to provide quality primary care to our SCCS Students and staff, we have high-end equipment such as digital blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, digital oximeter, digital glucometer, stethoscopes, laryngoscope, etc. to offer first-class care level and detect a pathology immediately.

We also have American and national medications, which allow us an effective treatment, at the same time high-level suture and aseptic healing equipment to avoid infection.

All medical consultations are digitally registered so that the respective directors can be aware of any medical matter related to their students and continuous contact with parents. In case a student needs to be transferred to a Medical Center, we have institutional alliances of ambulances to transfer the patient in a professional and uncomplicated way.

Our medical staff is constantly trained to provide the best care in the event of an Emergency or Medical Urgency on our Campus.