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Private American Overseas Day School offering English instruction

Board of Directors

Position Overview

The Director, with the support of the Board of Directors, manages the day-to-day operation of the school organization; formulates and carries out the short-term objectives to advance the board’s long-range plan; establishes operating procedures (as established by school policies, local and national laws) and supervises the hiring, firing and evaluation of all staff members.

Reports to

Board of Directors.

Back Row: Roberto Wills, Alejandro Foianini, Alejandro Lora, Jose Ernesto Cuellar, Jose Miguel Cuellar, Nancy Franco, and Ervin Landivar

Front Row: Mariana Jakubek, Carola Cronenbold, Cecilia Hurtado, Cecilia Justiniano, and Carolina Gutierrez


  • Is directly responsible to the Board of Directors and will work with the Board in long-term planning and help develop short-term (one-year) objectives to meet the goals of the long term plan.
  • Assist in preparing the annual budget and submission for approval.
  • Initiate and direct the development of school policies.
  • Provide monthly reports with respect to the organizational objectives and other issues of
    the school.
  • Provides the Board with adequate information to help it reach sound decisions andestablis in identifying, planning and implementing long-term financial stability.
  • Implement the overall education policies and objectives of the school.
  • Maintain positive community relations by keeping abreast of the changing environment, accepting input from others and participating in appropriate community associations.
  • Represent the organization in all dealings with other organizations, individuals and the
  • Maintain positive school and staff relations by developing sound personnel practices, working for good morale, delegating work properly, being impartial in personnel mattersand by implementing procedures for staff evaluation.
  • Select, assign, transfer, and terminate the employment of instructional and noninstructional personnel except where a conflict of interest may arise.
  • Organize the administrative and supervisory staff, including instructional and noninstructional personnel in the way that best serves the school’s interest.
  • Carefully review and update school procedures contained in the school’s security and
    crisis manual.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with the Board by participating in resolving differences of
    opinion, accepting policy and helping with the implementation of regulations


Preferred qualifications of the new Director include the following:

  • Graduate degree in education or related field.
  • Head of school experience preferred.
  • Minimum five years of classroom teaching experience in schools below the college level.
  • Prepared to make a minimum of a 3-5 year commitment.
  • Experience in strategic planning.
  • Well-developed communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Previous experience at an international school – preferably in Latin America.
  • Knowledge of Spanish and willingness to work towards fluency.
  • Knowledge and experience of school accreditation process.
  • Demonstrated success in recruitment and retention of faculty.


  • Strong leadership skills and a confident leader with the ability to inspire others.
  • Commitment to excellence, and equally focused on the Elementary and Secondary
  • Culturally sensitive, with well-developed interpersonal skills.
  • Good listening skills, an ability to delegate, and good organizational skills.
  • Approachable, accessible, friendly, visible, sensitive, tolerant, and politically aware.
  • Willingness and ability to network with school and local communities.
  • High energy level, proactive, an enthusiastic advocate of the school.