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Connect us: contactus@sccs.edu.bo

Phone: (+591) 3 3530808

Private American Overseas Day School offering English instruction

Community Service

Operation Smile is one of the largest medical volunteer based nonprofits. This organization has provided hundreds of thousands of safe surgeries for those born with cleft lip and cleft palate. The Operation Smile Club at SCCS was founded in 2009 and still continues today with its more than 100 student members each year. Throughout the year operation smile volunteers participate in a variety of events to help raise money for peoples surgeries. Officers, pillars and volunteers are in charge of the  logistics for an OS stand in the largest international business fair in Bolivia annually. SCCS volunteers also coordinate and translate during the five Operation Smile medical missions hosting an international team of 100+ doctors. Important events at school like Cookie Decorations, Halloween Bags Sale, Raffle Tickets, La Sonrisa la Pongo yo and the Roses for Valentines Day are some of the many activities our volunteers take part in to fundraise for Operation Smile Bolivia. Great SCCS Hearts work together to change the world ONE SMILE AT A TIME.






What is Hands Helping Hands?

  • Community service club which focuses on making a difference in our local communities.
  • Wants to help people living in areas around Santa Cruz that face insufferable hardships like victims of abuse or children living below the poverty line.

What are HHH Goals?

  • To help as much people as possible giving love and showing we care.
  • To do “good deeds” all year long to help those in our school, community, and beyond.
  • Especially those who are in need and living through harsh times.

How does HHH help?

  • Distributing clothing, food, and other items at no cost.
  • Funding money with bake sales.
  • We have food and clothes drives.
  • Visiting children orphanages and giving them food and clothes.
  • Collecting donations to help people in need.

SCCS student volunteers collaborate with TECHO, a non-profit organization established in 1997 to help to overcome the situation of poverty of millions of citizens in Latin-American countries. Under the supervision of qualified sponsors our students participate in constructions of homes for the needy on designated weekends and get to know the families that benefit from this service initiative.

Hope for Life aims toward active community service and fundraising for the purchase of medicines that children need for their treatments. Hope for Life helps children who are under the effects of chemotherapy. The group visits the Children’s Cancer Hospital periodically to help children with cancer with their homework, to motivate and guide them to be positive and keep the faith. Hope for Life also does handcrafts and awareness campaigns to put a smile in many children’s lives and support their families.