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Private American Overseas Day School offering English instruction

Arts & Athletics MS


Arts & Athletics

MS Band Blurb

Middle school band

is a time for instrument exploration, music discovery and learning, and enjoying the performance of music! In middle school band we learn a lot of the techniques of music from notes and rhythms to playing as an ensemble. Middle school band students are split into two groups: 6th grade band and 7th/8th grade band. Students perform four times a year in October, December, March and May!

MS Athletics

The SCCS Athletics

objective is to support the physical education curriculum, which is mainly focused on increasing the fitness level of all students and teach them the necessary skills to acquire and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A further purpose is to provide an opportunity for every student to take part in competitive and non-competitive sports and activities within the framework of educational endeavor.

During the school year the SCCS Athletics Department organizes and offers a variety of programs and sports events for Middle School. Programs offered are Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field and Cheerleading. Sports events include the USSL League, Friendship Games, MS Mini Olympics, Fun Run and the Jaguar Cup.

MS Art

Middle School Art

is a subject in which one can indulge in the rich experience of using different materials to express oneself. This is the moment where the technical aspect of painting or sculpting is taught and refined through creative visualization. The art department helps fuel the creativity and drive of students by the hosting of numerous art contests, as well as appreciating student talent each year through the printing of the yearly school calendar.

Middle School Music

Middle School Music provides

a worthwhile musical experience for students, regardless of individual skill or talent level. Emphasis is placed on developing appreciation of all types of music through listening, analyzing, evaluating, and composing skills. This course provides instruction in music appreciation, theory, and history. Students will experiment with the different facets of music as they gain musical background.