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Private American Overseas Day School offering English instruction

Jhonny Henry Medrano

Jhonny Henry Medrano


Jhonny Henry Medrano Morales was born in Santa Cruz Bolivia , and studied Physical Education and Technical Director of Football in Asuncion, Paraguay. He has worked as a P.E. teacher for the Campo Alto school in Paraguay, the Colegio Franco Boliviano, the Colegio Alemán, and is currently working at SCCS. He was Technical Director for the Selección in Santa Cruz and Selección in Bolivia for the sub-15 Southamerican soccer tournament. He was also technical director of the Selección del Tahuichi tournament, both national and international, as well as the Club Blooming junior division and Club Royal Pari Sion semi-professional team. He is currently the Technical Director of both the SCCS Junior Varsity and Varsity teams since 2015, and has led SCCS’s sports team to victory in both the USSL championship and the Friendship Games. He became SCCS’s secondary P.E. instructor in 2019.