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Malvina Lacoa

Malvina Lacoa

ES Teacher's Assistant

My name is Malvina Fernanda Lacoa Paniagua, and I am 25 years old. The most important thing I have is my family, which is made up of my father Fernando, my mom Angelica, my three brothers Devadip, Sebastian and Gianfranco, my nephew and nieces Luca, Sara, Sofia and the baby-on-the-way, and finally, my nana Maria. We spend a lot of time together, especially on weekends.
I have a psychopedagogy degree from Universidad Catolica Boliviana, and currently, I am applying for the International Graduate Programs for Educators at SUNY Buffalo State. I’ve worked with kids since 2017, as an assistant teacher, para-educator and therapist in different institutions. Most of the time, I enjoy working with children with learning disabilities. Nowadays, I am glad to say that I belong to the SCCS sommunity.